On July 8, Beijing time, the second week of Wimbledon started. In the 1/8 final of a women's singles on Super Monday, China's Golden Flower Zhang Shuai struggled 3 sets, defeated Ukrainian 19-year-old IELTS Remska 6-4 1-6 6-2 for the first time in his career. At the same time as the women's singles, they tied the best record of individual Grand Slam. At the same time, this is also the first time that Wenzhou Top 8 has appeared in China Golden Flower since Li Na in 2013. After Zhang Shuai became Li Na and Zheng Jie, the third Chinese broke into the top 8 of the Wimbledon women's singles.


Before Zhang Wen’s Wimbledon this year, he never won a victory at the All England Lawn Club and suffered a 0-5 loss. However, this Wimbledon, Zhang Shuai firepower is fully open, not only won the first win of the personal Wimbledon, but also reached the Wimbledon 16 to the second week. Zhang Shuai's top 16 record also made her become Li Na, Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai, and the fourth place broke into the top 16 of the Wimbledon China Golden Flower. It is also the first time that Wenshu 16 has appeared in China's Golden Flower since Peng Shuai in 2014. If Zhang Shuai wins this game, he will tie the best record of the top 8 in the Grand Slam.

Zhang Shuai's opponent, IELTS Remska, is only 19 years old and is currently ranked 35th in the world, 15 points higher than Zhang Shuai. This season, the Ukrainian girl has won two tour titles in Hua Hin and Strasbourg. At last year's Hong Kong Open, Zhang Shuai lost to the opponent in the semi-finals, and the Ukrainian girl also went to the top to win the championship, which is the only record between the two.


In the first game of the first set, the Ukrainian teenager was in trouble at the serve. After 30 levels, she made a double mistake and sent a break point. Zhang Shuai seized the opportunity to complete the break. In the subsequent game, the two players performed quite well in their respective serve games, and Zhang Shuai led the lead 5-3. In the 9th game, Zhang Shuai once forced the inventory at the other serve, but Jasmine Remska insisted on strengthening the defense. In the 10th game, Zhang Shuai finally finished the guarantee after wasting two counts, and 6-4 won the first set.



第二盘,乌克兰姑娘展示了极其凶猛的进攻火力。首局轻松保发,第2局轻松破掉张帅发球局。保发第3局后,乌克兰小将3-0领先。第4局张帅一度遭遇破发点,好在她挽救危机后爆发保发,1-3。第5局,张帅先后逼出3个破发点,但全部挥霍。破发未果的张帅在第6局一溃千里,再遭破发, 1-5。乌克兰姑娘保发第7局后,6-1扳回一盘。

第三盘,张帅首局一度遇遇连续破发点,好在她顽强化解后保发。第2局,乌克兰小将出现波动,惨遭破发。不过第3局,张帅立刻遭到了对手的回破。乌克兰姑娘请求医疗暂停,不过第4局她连续失误,再遭破发,1-3落后。随后两人又各自破发对手的发球局,张帅4-2领先。第7局,张帅终于完成保发,5- 2领先。第8局,乌克兰姑娘未能保发,2-6输掉第三盘,张帅2-1取胜晋级。