【北京青年报】2017年至今 北京市检察机关提抗诉案件124件



Article Source | Beijing Youth Daily

The reporter was informed at the briefing on the civil litigation supervision held by the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate on the morning of July 8. From 2017 to 2019, the Beijing procuratorate filed 124 protests, and filed 8 protests from the high procuratorate, and issued retrial recommendations. 59 pieces, 202 inspection recommendations. Investigation and punishment of false litigation has become one of the key tasks of civil litigation supervision.


The main methods of civil litigation supervision: protest, prosecutorial advice

When the procuratorial organ exercises the civil litigation supervision function, it shall accept the parties' application for supervision of the civil effective judgment, ruling, and mediation, and the supervision of the trial procedures and enforcement activities of the people's court. After examination, the procuratorial organ may initiate a protest, issue a procuratorial suggestion, and so on.

Huang Baoyue, deputy procurator-general of the Beijing Procuratorate, introduced that from 2017 to June this year, the Beijing procuratorial organs accepted 4,851 cases of civil litigation supervision, and concluded 4,659 cases, with a settlement rate of 96%, of which 124 were filed for protest and brought to the High Court for protests. For the case, 59 re-inspection recommendations and 202 prosecution recommendations were issued.

Huang Baoyue introduced that the number of cases in which civil prosecutions received by Beijing procuratorial organs have increased year by year, and the types of cases accepted are more diversified. Contract dispute cases, labor dispute cases, and property rights disputes account for a relatively high proportion.

Investigating and handling false litigation into one of three key tasks

It is understood that Beijing procuratorial organs fulfill their civil litigation supervision duties to investigate and deal with false litigation, civil execution supervision of non-moving property delivery and non-litigation enforcement supervision. Among them, civil false litigation refers to the actor unilaterally or maliciously colluding with others, taking false evidence, false statements and other means, fabricating civil legal relations, fictitious civil disputes, filing civil suits with the people's courts, through litigation, arbitration, mediation, etc. Acts that disrupt the judicial order and obtain illegal interests.

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