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I want.. Relationship poem for Walk With Me cd..

Mitch Bensel copyright 2013

I want to be your comfort
you have to be the way..
 I cannot take the path to walk  
only show you it will be ok

i need to feel you near.. not to smother
just to feel..your soul close to mine
where lonely dies every time

i want to be the place to come and sit with forever
knowing i am not the one that walks your walk 
but loves the you inside those shoes 
that life slows sometimes.. causing you to falter

if i could slide inside your soul and lift your legs to walk my way
you would slowly die inside
for your smile would lose its color
and every step i took for you would only serve to smother

let me be the tree you lean against
and feel my strength and beauty
then turn and live your life my love
and let me pull you to me
i love you

with my being ..not with words of ease

let me be the one you come to for eternity

Walk With Me cd, is a very powerful walk through life.... tell people to come to my site and listen.. it will help them... possibly... order yours from cdbaby.com .. God bless all of you....listen, He is near you always.. all you have to do.. is love
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Welcome to Walk With Me....... I hope it helps you or at least gets a path started to peace in your soul.. carry on soldiers .. it's not over yet