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How God changed their lives...
I will be posting a few of the many different ways that my cd Walk With Me.. has made a profound impact on peoples lives.. if you haven't ordered one .. you are missing an opportunity to help yourself, available in digital download now on cdbaby.com OR listen on my site FREE..
Pati B said, " I put the cd on, closed my eyes and listened... when the healing part came on, every pain in my body left.. your voice is so wonderful, thank you so much, I will listen again and again"

Two friends riding home in the car listened to the cd.. one has had shoulder pain to the point of having to get shots...... after she got home, she called friend up to tell her and to pass it on to me.. that her shoulder had quit hurting.........

He was a drinker, he was left by his boyfriend, he stopped drinking, he listens every night , he is calm inside,

couple listened to it together as their grand kids slept.She had not cried nor let her husband hold her in many years ... she began to cry..he held her.. they wept with happiness......he went to his grandchilds room and knelt in prayer..asking for guidance always and to always show love.....

She had been abused physically and verbally in her past marriage.....she was released and felt all pain and fear fall away.. she was able to be whole again....she wept with joy knowing she was never alone.....she thanked me for helping her find release from her abusers hold (she did it, my cd sends love)

She had been never happy and always complained, and her foot was hurting and never getting better.. her foot is healed, she has a perspective of positive and love, her husband wept at the love he had for her that was shown in the cd....

A pastor felt calmed and allowed himself to 'hate death' after losing his father, during the 'death' track of the cd I talk of how to attempt to handle death..... he cried

One lady listened who had been physically abused in her life, although now in a safe environment, and she thought she had put it behind her...she said to me after hearing the cd " I thought I was a happy person unti I listened to walk with me.  I realized I still harboured some bad feelings, from a rape that happened 45 years ago, and now I am completely whole, and even happier." she cried with tears of release and turned it lose " it flowed out of me like an ocean, it was a good feeling." she told me then her favorite five words were "Thank God for Mitch Bensel" : )

Many that had been abused.. felt a release of that past pain and felt free of the past pain..

there are so many more that are coming in, one was calmed after and felt a peace never felt before.. .. many were 'calmned'
I have three healings at the end of the cd and they are working on those that are supposed to be healed.......
the cd is of love and is real....miracles happen every day...this cd is full of energy and of miracles......open to it.....allow love inside and your life will change..

Well Mitch, I just finished listening to Walk With Me and I Gotta Think About That....I think your message is beautiful and I enjoyed it immensely. I listened to it with my husband. I know we both appreciate your take on dealing with children!! 
WE both spoke of it during dinner
I personally "appreciated" your take on being thankful! I am always thankful for the wonderful things in my life but I'm practicing to be thankful for EVERYTHING, because I know everything is part of my path and it is the path of God
That said -- thank you, Mitch for your spirit and your loving words. You are sharing your gifts with the world and you have reinforced my beliefs in angels, faith, and love!
I honestly believe that when we are kind to each other we are paying respect to our creator and to ourselves because WE ARE GOD! Each and every one of us is god in his/her/its many forms.
I will always be thinking of the people I meet who I see that have an extra twinkle in their eye!! I see lots of them
Btw-- loved your poem on love! Brought tears to my eyes ! 

Mitch ,has taken me on a journey that I will never in this life forget .
This cd has something for everyone in it. You will be able to relate to all of it , some of it , or just feel more deeply than ever before . For me , I felt so many things while hearing this .and I wanted to immediately share it with others ,for I know it will help .
This cd has to be heard !! Mitch ,has put everything on the table ,he lets you in to see and feel his own journey in life ,so many things many dare not talk about .Even through the pain of things that happen in life, You feel the love coming from him to all . I think I could go one forever talking about this Cd..... But I will end this saying I employ you to get this Cd , for self ...and to share with others . There is so much Love and Light coming from this Cd don't miss the feeling , it consumes you . Blessings always
Comfort and ease in our stress-filled world “ I admit I was skeptical when I unwrapped Walk With Me. I was thinking unless a healing is done in person, how can this work? And then I shut off my mind, got comfortable and just listened. Mitch offers warmth and sage advice on everyday living in a calm and soothing voice, accompanied with lovely poetry. And the healing? I had a nasty headache for two days prior “ I was astonished to realize that after listening to Walk With Me, it was totally gone. I highly recommend Walk With Me to anyone in need of a brief respite in our hectic world. Thank you - Mitch for sharing your gift with us all.

Mitch,When I was listening to your healing cd,I felt a tingling sensation in my leg. Ever since I first listened to it,and btw,I still listen to it,I haven't had any pain in my right leg or knee. Before I was always in excruciating pain,and was taking pain meds just to make it through work. I had been believing,praying,and standing in faith for my healing for a while now. So thank you my friend,and I know it wasn't you,but Jesus working through you. take care,and God bless! 
Her heart has been healed, her lungs have been cleared to the point a doctor took her x-rays to a conference to show that prayer works....