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Spoken word cd of sensual and life
The Pumpkins come to visit on a night of scary and fun. Lessons are learned the hard way, all actions in life have consequences..will Jonathan learn? Or be stuck in the forever left over pumpkin where the pieces of smashed pumpkins are left to suffer
Crooked Wing, a wonderful rhyming adventure of a butterfly and her friend the turtle, who helps her fix her broken wing..for young and old alike
Short stories of adventure, for shoes do dance while we sleep and you can walk your turtle. Enjoy the poetry for little ones, showing there are different ways to tell a story. Every month is visited in poem form. Dashes and Dots.. a fun adventure with many smiles
The Butterfly Girl
A well loved book used by second grade teachers. For in the second grade you are taught punctuation. This is an adventure of a magic butterfly that visits a school at lunch break. The reader also illustrates it so not only do they correct the punctuation errors the reader is the illustrator. Teaches a wonderful lesson that knowledge is magic for with knowledge one can do whatever they want in life.

 I will be submitting all of my novels from now on to publishers. I will keep this site up for the Walk With Me CD and the few children's books. I will be putting poetry and more testimonials from people 
that have had miracles by listening to the CD. God bless all