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 Welc0me to my site..     You have chosen wisely...
I have written on just about everything .  Words are powerful with energy and hope.   Fall into my experiences and see another side of life.  I have written poetry for other authors to use in their books and dropped poetry onto greeting cards.  I have a spoken word cd that sells globally. "Whispers..."  Words  come from another place of time..words...can heal and hurt, allow you to fly, or cause you to drop to your knees.  Walk into my books, I am waiting.. to tell you a story...and I guarantee you will fly.........   "Great books come from ..normal people" Mitch Bensel


Mitch Bensel Featured Artist on Clancy Tuckers Blog
Some testimonials of cds and poetry

Wow!!!!!! Very awesome!! I was enamored with Rod McKuen as a teen. Your voice and words send chills much as Rod did for me back then!
 Cat, Augusta Georgia

From the first word the deep vibration begins gentle, caressing - softly finding the open of soul filling self and spirit with longing to the answer of the aching bliss.

- Deb, Washington State

Your words make me paint pictures with your poetry...make people see are amazingly gifted...I am speechless here...

-Susan, NJ
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