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 Welc0me to my site..     You have chosen wisely...
I have written on just about everything .  Words are powerful with energy and hope.   Fall into my experiences and see another side of life.  I have written poetry for other authors to use in their books and dropped poetry onto greeting cards.  I have a spoken word cd that sells globally. "Whispers..."  Words  come from another place of time..words...can heal and hurt, allow you to fly, or cause you to drop to your knees.  Walk into my books, I am waiting.. to tell you a story...and I guarantee you will fly.........   "Great books come from ..normal people" Mitch Bensel


I have just finished your book, Wishes of Seven, and found it to be one of the best books I have ever read. I just could not put it down. You are an excellent writer. Your book was filled with so much intrigue, power and knowledge. You have a wonderful way with words and was able to make me feel i was right there with them. I was tempted to go to the last paragraph many times just to see how all worked out for Kieran and Sonia but I didn't and am so glad that I didn't. The many twists and turns made Wishes of Seven very exciting and have my nomination to be on the Best Seller list, as I am sure it will be.

Ann M. .. Canada

Candace rated it!
This is a can't put down book! It really has something for everyone: mystery, romance, spirituality, excitement and much, much more. The story is unlike anything you have ever read and really keeps you engaged. I highly recommend this book. Great character development, active story line and pure enjoyment from start to finish!

 Wishes of Seven, is a graphic novel of dark and light and the choices made by a few people in a small town, that changed the future of the mix of evil and the battle against its hold in the souls of many. this is a paranormal novel of mystery and suspense. The twists of love and sex with violence keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. A truly 'cannot put down' adventure. 

Wishes Of Seven
Book Review

The Author has created a spellbinding story set in a small town. You are carried away into the lives of Kieran the local artist gallery owner and Sonia the police detective that has come home for her mother’s funeral. The plot is set around a paranormal fight between good (seeing the light) and evil (hanging a darkness) over the town. There are twists and turns of mystery, romance, passion and love throughout. Mitch Bensel, the author has developed a list of amazing supporting characters. I love how the book plays with your emotions and carries you away so you can’t put it down ! I hope there is a sequel. I didn’t want it to end !
A paranormal novel of mystery and suspense. A small town becomes the setting of a spiritual battle between Kieran, a local artist, and the epitome of evil. When an ancient artifact is delivered to the town that contains infinite power to the holder. That power can be of good or bad, the holder has the choice. The twists of love and sex with violence keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. A truly 'cannot put down' adventure. You will be 'fired up' when you find the fire inside
Mitch Bensel Featured Artist on Clancy Tuckers Blog
I have just finished reading your latest book - City Sensual and found it way beyond my expectation. It is very well written and each segment contained some surprises, love presented in a non-offensive way, and topics that were very informative and giving me a new way of thinking. 

This book will definitely not be put on the shelf to gather dust, it can be read many times, which I plan to do, and now I will "enter with passion and leave satisfied". 

Very well done. 

Thanks Mitch. Now I will wait anxiously for the next book with great expectations

Ann M. Canada
Some testimonials of this CD:

Wow!!!!!! Very awesome!! I was enamored with Rod McKuen as a teen. Your voice and words send chills much as Rod did for me back then!
- Cat, Augusta Georgia

From the first word the deep vibration begins gentle, caressing - softly finding the open of soul filling self and spirit with longing to the answer of the aching bliss.

- Deb, Washington State

Your words make me paint pictures with your poetry...make people see are amazingly gifted...I am speechless here...

-Susan, NJ
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--Night of the Pumpkins Revenge   ages 9-12

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